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Your Longest Reigning Divas Champion!

I made history! Your Longest Reigning Divas Champion in WWE History! Words can't even describe how I feel right now! I am so beyond blessed and honored! Tonight goes out to my Pop Pop. He taught me so much. He taught me to always be a hard worker, be respectable and kind to others, put God first and family second, and always stay humble. He always told me he was proud of me, I'll never forget that. He lead by example. I wish I could call him right now and tell him about this moment but instead I'll look above me and pray and know he was watching and is listening. Never give up on your dreams because if you have heart and passion they will come true! Pop Pop I can just imagine your smile right now and the big south Philly hug I would have gotten! Thank you for teaching me to be a strong, hard working, independent woman! I love you so much, always and forever! As well as my #BellaArmy I would be nothing without you all! You created Nikki Bella, Team Bella and the Divas Revolution! None of this wouldn't exist without your voices! Thank you! And to my coaches from the beginning who taught me so much at FCW Steve Keirn, Dr Tom Prichard, and Billy Kidman! Thank you! And thank you to my Love @johncena for teaching me so much and my sister @thebriebella for always be being my side! Love you all! Omgoodness! Tears and chills! Trying to take all this in right now!

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Night of Champions: Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte at Night of Champions 2015

Divas Champion Nikki Bella used Twin Magic and a disqualification to survive her match against Charlotte and become the longest-reigning titleholder in division history, but can she defeat the second-generation grappler in a rematch at Night of Champions?

Sunday’s encounter had been on the books since Charlotte defeated PCB teammates Paige and Becky Lynch in a No. 1 Contender’s Beat the Clock Challenge on Aug. 31, but the title match was later pushed up to Sept. 14, re-scheduled for just hours before Nikki’s reign was set to reach its historic milestone.

And for a moment, it looked as if Charlotte had denied Nikki’s quest. The former NXT Women’s Champion pinned a Bella on Raw; it just happened to be Brie, not Nikki, and the decision was ultimately ruled a disqualification victory for Charlotte. Stephanie McMahon also added a stipulatuion to their Night of Champions rematch: Nikki loses the title if she is counted out or gets disqualified.

Charlotte has made Nikki tap out before, just never when it counted most, with WWE’s Divas Title at stake. Can Charlotte dethrone Nikki and end her unprecedented reign? Or will the Rack Attacking brawler keep her position atop the division?

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Charlotte gets the win, but Nikki Bella keeps the record. That was the gist of the Divas Championship Match between Ric Flair’s progeny and the now longest-recorded titleholder of the women’s prize, which had more twists and turns than a “Mr. Robot” episode and about as many people getting involved.

Thanks to a brutal, simple strategy — attack the arm — Nikki had the upper hand until a Charlotte comeback forced her to activate Twin Magic … but Charlotte flipped the script and won anyway, pinning Brie Bella. Once the official realized the ruse, Stephanie McMahon came to the ring under the pretense of upholding the Divas division’s integrity to change the decision to a disqualification, sending Nikki to SmackDown’s “Bellabration” as champ. But Stephanie also upheld the title match for Night of Champions, with one new caveat: Should Nikki lose, under any circumstance, she will lose the title as well.

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Season 4, Episode 11 – September 15, 2015
Paige is blindsided by a marriage proposal; Brie and Bryan clash over his future; and Trinity’s plans for Jon’s standup career backfire.

Some Like It Hot
Season 4, Episode 12 – September 22, 2015
The ladies travel to Tulum, Mexico, for a vacation, during which Paige announces her engagement. Meanwhile, the Bellas learn they have a new sibling; and Alicia puts Trinity’s relationship with Jon at risk.

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Nikki and Brie Bella, the WWE’s resident mean girls, spend about as much time in the gym as they do in the ring. And they’re both in relationships with two of WWE’s biggest male stars—Brie is married to Daniel Bryan and Nikki is in a long-term relationship with John Cena. So who better to ask for tips on picking up a woman at the gym than the twins who’ve spent the past decade literally picking up women?

Have your significant others had any influence on your fitness routines?

Nikki: Actually, when John and I first started dating, I was coming back from breaking my leg. Before that, I was just the type of girl who would do cardio at the gym, lift some free weights, and take some classes. So when I was getting back into shape, he introduced me to Olympic lifting. I always had this perception that when you lift weights, you’re going to get bulky and thick. I didn’t realize you actually burn a lot of fat and that it trims you down. So when John got me past that, I just fell in love with this style of weightlifting. It has totally transformed my body.

Brie: If Bryan is like, “I’m going to be at the gym here for two hours,” it forces me to keep myself busy for those two hours. It pushes you more! And Bryan is actually the first relationship I’ve been in where my partner enjoys a healthy lifestyle like me. Even past lifting weights at the gym. I’ve never had a loved one to go hiking with me, or to do yoga with me. And that has actually changed me. Now instead of being like, “Hey, lets go to happy hour!” it’s like, “Lets go find this mountain to hike.” Continue reading Interview With The Bella Twins