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Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2015

Nikki won BIG in this year’s Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2015. She won the following awards:

WWE Diva of the Year – Nikki Bella
Women of the Year 2015: Team Bella
Most Social – Nikki Bella
Most Improved Wrestler – Nikki Bella
Most Stylish – Nikki Bella
Best Heel – Nikki Bella
Best Moment – Nikki Bella Breaks Divas Title Record
Best Champion – Nikki Bella
Best Finisher – Nikki Bella’s Rack Attack

What a year she’s had!

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10 Best WWE Superstars of 2015

#6 Nikki Bella

No competitor improved more in 2015 than Nikki Bella. The glamorous Diva was already a month into her Divas Championship reign when the year kicked off, and she spent the next several months proving why. Rivals promised to take down Team Bella, but they all met the same Rack Attack fate.

She turned away challenges from Naomi, Tamina and Paige while holding the Divas Title for a record-breaking 301 days. She ruled over the Divas division with such dominance that her rivals came together to start a revolution to knock her from the throne. Charlotte may have taken her title, but Nikki’s Slammy for Diva of the Year proved that she was the queen bee in 2015. — JEFF LABOON

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Tribute To The Troops

HQ Digitals || HQ Screencaps

Jacksonville played host to an 8-Diva Tag Team Match featuring the top competitors in the ultra-competitive Divas division. Charlotte led Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox into the bout against Paige and Team B.A.D.
Charlotte and Brie led the charge early-on against Naomi but their progress was halted by the incredible power of Tamina. Paige and her partners methodically dismantled Brie creating a nearly insurmountable advantage.

Chaos ensued taking Paige, Charlotte, Naomi and Brie out of the contest, allowing Alicia to briefly take control of the bout. However Tamina managed to tag in Sasha Banks, allowing The Boss to take out Becky Lynch and execute the Bank Statement on Alicia for the win.