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Nikki Bella: #1 in PWI Top 50 Women!

Congrats Nikki, you really deserved this!

Thank you PWI for choosing me as your #1 on your #PWIFemale50 list! I truly feel as if I have won an Olympic gold medal! This achievement has made my past decade beyond worth it! I know they'll be haters but if they can't see past the character that's their problem. It's just nice to be acknowledge for hard work & passion. I have battled every obstacle that's been in my way & will continue that. WWE Universe perception was 1st. I'm a female wrestler whether you like it or not. Thank you Brie 4 our match at HIAC, Paige for our title run, & Charlotte for NOC & HIAC. Unforgettable matches. This achievement goes 2 my FCW coaches, producers, the women that have shared the ring w/me & most importantly my Bella Army! Thank you SO much! #FearlessNikki #stayfearless

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Paige def. Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Brie Bella to become No. 1 Contender to the Divas Championship

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Paige has been crowing for weeks — sometimes passive-aggressively, sometimes overly aggressively — that the Divas Revolution truly began with her. Now, she’ll get a chance to prove herself as the true flag-bearer of the next generation, thanks to a Fatal 4-Way victory over Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Brie Bella that puts her on a collision course with Charlotte at Survivor Series.

She did so, largely, by lying in wait for the rest of the Divas to tear each other apart. Brie Mode had activated with some Daniel Bryan-esque kicks. Becky had demolished everyone with a Tower of Doom. And when Sasha followed up by locking in the Bank Statement on The Lass Kicker, victory was ripe for the taking. Paige did so in merciless fashion, chucking Sasha out of the ring and Ram-Paiging Becky into a crater for the win.

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Nikki Bella Interview With “Reveal”

Total Divas star Nikki Bella admits she hates watching back the show and re-living the drama that unfolds: “It pressures my heart!”

Not only do the WWE Divas document their time in the ring with each other, but the girls invite the cameras in when they’re not competing, opening up their most personal moments to the show. Viewers have watched Brie Bella get married to her husband Daniel Bryan, Paige struggle to tell her boyfriend she doesn’t want to accept his proposal and Nattie Neidheart come to terms with having life-changing surgery on her eye.

This time round, viewers watched as Nikki’s boyfriend John Cena told her he didn’t want to get married or have children. While a loved-up Nikki is happy to accept that as her future, it hasn’t stopped her getting upset from time to time and she admits those particular scenes can make for difficult viewing.

Read more at Reveal.

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Brie Bella Interview With “Reveal”

Total Divas star Brie Bella has revealed she is “so ready” for motherhood.

Brie, who is happily married to fellow WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan, is looking to start a family with her husband, but admits trying for a baby won’t come easy as it means she would have to give up getting into the ring.

Reveal caught up with the reality star and her fellow Divas in Paris recently and we quizzed Brie on her baby plans and what kind of mother she thinks she will make.

During the fourth series of Total Divas, viewers watched as Brie revealed children are definitely on the cards for herself and Bryan.

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Oct 26th Raw Results & Photos

Team Bella def. PCB

PCB is no more. For real this time, it seems, as Paige’s iffy reconciliation with Charlotte and Becky Lynch reached its breaking point after The Lass Kicker was felled by Team Bella in a Six-Diva tussle on Raw. Never mind that Paige was on the receiving end of a shellacking from Nikki & Co. and needed Charlotte and Becky to pull her out of the fire. Once a rolling Lynch — spurred on by “We want Becky!” chants — was stopped short by a forearm and a Rack Attack, Paige showed her true colors by laying out her now-former friends with a pair of Ram-Paiges and, as the final insult, a PTO to Charlotte.

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