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Nikki was feeling burnt out so she took a vacation to Napa Valley with Brie & Renee Young. Brie suggested that Nikki try therapy. Nikki wasn’t into it until John explained how it could help. Nikki went to therapy and said it really helped. Brie checked out locations for their studio.

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Charlotte wanted a Divas Title Match? Well, she got a Divas Title Match! The “generation kid” of the Divas Revolution made a point of telling Nikki Bella she had petitioned The Authority to move up her title bout to get a fair shake on cutting Nikki’s reign short of AJ Lee’s longevity mark. And as Charlotte revealed by interrupting Team Bella’s weekly gloat session, she’d been granted such an opportunity. To punctuate the announcement, PCB went to town on a gobsmacked Team Bella, sending the champion and her retinue retreating to the showers, with an apparently injured leg, no less. Now that’s doin’ it with Flair.

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Smackdown Results & Photos

Team Bella interrupted PCB’s backstage promo to tell them that the BellaTron is more important than Charlotte’s win. Charlotte told them that she had petitioned the Authority to have her title shot before Nikki breaks the record. Team Bella wasn’t happy.

Team Bella appeared on the stage at the end of PCB’s match.

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