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SummerSlam Preview

Team Bella vs. Team B.A.D. vs. PCB

At SummerSlam the Divas Revolution will reach new heights when all three factions spearheading the cause — Team Bella, PCB and Team B.A.D. — collide in a Triple Threat Team Elimination Match.

The game transformed forever on the July 13 edition of Raw when Stephanie McMahon famously got in the face of Team Bella and emphatically declared that it was time for change in the Divas division. That catalyst for change came in the way of NXT cornerstones Charlotte, Becky Lynch and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks simultaneously debuting on WWE’s flagship show. Continue reading SummerSlam Preview

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Raw Results & Photos

Team B.A.D. landed their biggest punch yet of the Divas Revolution with a rollup on SmackDown. But the ladies of “Beautiful and Dangerous” got a taste of their own medicine on Raw when all three members joined forces for a Six-Diva Tag Match against Team Bella’s assembled ranks. Riding the support of the WWE Universe, Sasha Banks shouldered the load for her squad until Brie Bella put her on the ropes and Tamina tagged in, though the former Divas Champion snagged victory from the jaws of defeat with a rollup. As it often does in revolutions, civility broke down in short order when PCB stormed the ring from their posts at commentary, though this particular fracas ended in a steady, if untenable, stalemate.

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Total Divas, Season 4 Episode 5 Recap & Photos

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WWE was headed overseas for the April European Tour. Naomi let everyone know which route of cities they’d all be on on, and Paige and Naomi were with the Bellas. Nikki made plans to have fun while there. Paige said she thinks Nikki is prim and proper. Over in England, the girls go out and about and Nikki was the only one who was stopped for a photo. Later, Nikki, Brie and Paige go to “tea time”. Nikki brought fancy hats for them to wear. Paige wasn’t having a good time and left. In the talking head, Paige mocked Nikki for being fancy and having worked in Hooters and growing up on a farm. Later, backstage at the live event, Nikki found Paige so they could talk. Paige told Nikki that the whole thing was pretentious and fake. Later, Nikki and John take Brie out to dinner, since it’s her anniversary but she is away from Bryan. They talked over the situation with Paige and John said that she had nothing to be ashamed of. John and Nikki were SO cute!! Later, Paige talked to Brie and wanted to know if Nikki was mad at her. Brie explained Nikki’s point of view. At the show, Paige found Nikki and apologized.