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Fansided Interview With The Bella Twins

Ted Gruber has a new interview with The Bella Twins for Fansided. The sisters were promoting Wednesday’s season premiere of Total Bellas, below are a couple of highlights from Brie:

Brie you had a very successful in ring career and many were surprised when you decided to leave the WWE after WrestleMania. Your main reason for retiring was to start a family. How hard was it for you to make that life changing decision?

“The retirement at WrestleMania 32 was a bittersweet moment for me. I was excited to see the next chapter of my life, which is becoming a mother, but at the same time it was a very historical moment. It was a big part of what the Women’s Division has been striving and fighting for. But never say never, I can definitely get in that ring again and I would love to in the future.

“I still have that itch and even more now that I’m watching as a fan. Sitting at home watching RAW or SmackDown and saying, “Oh I can be there.” But it’s fun to watch at home, seeing all the women do so great and it makes me so proud. I love that this division is so good.”

Total Divas had a big cast and really limited really capturing the deeper roots of the characters on the show. Will we get to see more layers peeled back not only as being sisters but being involved with each other’s families?

“You are going to see a deeper look into our relationships. You are going to see Daniel be in the interview chair sharing his thoughts and emotions. You are going to see more of John and Daniel being followed by cameras and really seeing the day to day activities they take part in. You will see John Laurinaitis, ‘Johnny Ace’ be a big part of the show as he marries our mother. You are going to get an intimate more look into our lives with our family under one roof.”

The Bellas also discussed marriage, Nikki’s return to SmackDown and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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“The Rack” Podcast With The Bellas: Total Bellas, Retirement & Their Future

The Rack Radio Show Podcast Featuring Gail Kim
Hosted by Lindsey Ward & Sir Rockin
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Interview via Youtube:

Former multi-time WWE Diva’s Champion and stars of the E reality series “Total Divas and now ‘Total Bellas’ Nikki and Brie Bella joined “Multi-time Award Winning” The Rack Radio Show. In a nearly 15-minute interview, they talked about the upcoming Season of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella Returning to the ring, Brie Bella’s retirement and much more.

What can we expect in the upcoming season of the new show ‘Total Bellas’:

Nikki: “We’re so excited for ‘Total Bellas on October 5th at 8 pm only on E! and I have to say, some of the best things about the show is it was just a very compelling season. Don’t get me wrong, you have a lot of fun and funny moments but it’s really crazy what the camera captured within those six episodes: me going through my neck surgery, (Daniel) Bryan retiring, Brie on the road to retirement because she wants to be a mother, John (Cena) rehabbing his shoulder, our mom getting married for the third time but they say third time is a charm and our brother and his lack of passion in our mom’s company and this all happen under mine and John’s roof. And so, I have to say, just the wedding stuff and Bryan’s meltdown, there so many things contained in these six episodes that is just unreal.”

Brie: “(Bryan’s meltdown) wasn’t too bad; it’s a situation I think a lot of people can relate to because I feel like a point in all our lives we get something dear to us taken away and you never teach yourselves how to be ready for something like that, you just can’t. I feel that when people see Bryan, they’re going to just understand and root for him and go ‘Wow, I’m not alone in this.’ “

Brie Bella on Bryan’s transition from the ring to his roles in the Cruiserweight Classic and as Smackdown GM:

“Actually, it’s been great and the great thing about it is Bryan is so happy. He loves being the GM of Smackdown, he loves hosting Talking Smack on the WWE Network, he loved working with all the Cruiserweights on the CWC. He’s honestly on cloud nine and being his wife and best friend, I’m just so happy to see how great he’s doing because you don’t know how long it will take and you know the next happy day. I think the best thing for him was becoming the Smackdown GM; I just think it has done wonders for Bryan.” Continue reading “The Rack” Podcast With The Bellas: Total Bellas, Retirement & Their Future

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Who’s the hottest competitor in the Women’s division?

Alexa Bliss has wasted no time in making her mark on SmackDown LIVE, capturing the right to battle Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at No Mercy and, most recently, attacking the titleholder from behind as the Irish Lass Kicker was emerging for a match.

However, is she the hottest competitor in the Women’s division? Carmella has proven herself to be extremely vicious, relentlessly targeting the always-game Nikki Bella with several assaults and even pinning the Fearless Superstar in tag team action last week.

Despite these hungry up-and comers making so much noise against the likes of Becky and Nikki, one must be careful not to turn her back on the likes of Naomi or Natalya – or they might just end up paying a very painful price.

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Nikki & Brie Will Be On “The Real” Tomorrow (Preview)


The Real has released a clip of Nikki and Brie Bellas’ appearance on the daytime talk show tomorrow promoting the Wednesday premiere of Total Bellas on E!. You can see the preview below. In the video, hosts Loni Love and Adrienne Bailon ask Nikki about whether John Cena is going to propose to her any time soon.

“I mean, I think so,” Nikki said. “The past year, he’s actually talked about that he’s open to marriage so, of course, my hopes go through the roof. So, he’s like let’s go have this romantic dinner. I’m like ‘this is it.’…I feel like every moment I’m waiting for it. It’s been my birthday it’s been an anniversary….the holidays…”

She added, “See, I don’t want to get excited. Like I’m ruining everything because I get, like the perfect outfit. And here are those perfect moments and it’s like okay that was nice.”

Brie then said that Nikki won’t go ring shopping or tell Cena what ring, to which Nikki replied, “I don’t want to jinx it.”