Total Divas Season 4, Episode 5 Clip: Paige ditches tea time with Brie and Nikki

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Nikki Bella Gets Real Over Her Major Meltdown

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Can Nikki Bella cool her tense feud with Daniel Bryan? It won’t be easy!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, the WWE star visits sister Brie Bella’s husband to clear the air after their fiery exchange. Nikki brings gifts for the WWE star to calm his temper, but they don’t go over well.

“I’m sorry,” says Nikki. “I guess I was just maybe PMS-ing”

“All the time?” replies Brie. “Because you get mad all the time about it!”

Will Nikki be able to pay her dues for getting nasty with Daniel?

When Nikki’s attempts to satisfy the couple hit the skids, Daniel and Brie come up with a filthy idea to get back at the Diva!

Watch the clip to see how Nikki gets down and dirty for her fellow WWE stars!

Total Divas Recap + Photos

Nikki was staying with Bryan and Brie since John was on the road and she doesn’t like being alone in their house sometimes. Bryan played a trick on Nikki and put her clothes out in the barn. Nikki complained that Bryan teases her a lot and she thinks that he doesn’t like her and that he thinks she’s dumb. There’s lots of footage of Bryan teasing Nikki. Eventually Bryan and Nikki make up, when Bryan told Nikki that teasing is how he shows his love.

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Daniel Bryan plays a trick on houseguest Nikki Bella: Total Divas: July 28, 2015