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Nikki was staying with Bryan and Brie since John was on the road and she doesn’t like being alone in their house sometimes. Bryan played a trick on Nikki and put her clothes out in the barn. Nikki complained that Bryan teases her a lot and she thinks that he doesn’t like her and that he thinks she’s dumb. There’s lots of footage of Bryan teasing Nikki. Eventually Bryan and Nikki make up, when Bryan told Nikki that teasing is how he shows his love.

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Daniel Bryan plays a trick on houseguest Nikki Bella: Total Divas: July 28, 2015

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Below are spoilers for this week’s WWE Main Event, airing internationally and on Hulu, via Diva Dirt:
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WWE Divas Bash Eva Marie’s Nasty Attitude—See the Total Divas Deleted Scene!


What’s the deal with Eva Marie’s feud with Nikki Bella? Her fellow Divas want to get the bottom of their bad blood!

In this deleted scene from the latest episode of Total Divas, WWE superstars Nattie, Brie Bella and Paige drop their wrestling gear and get glammed up for the WWE Hall of Fame. But even the awesome festivities can’t hide the Divas’ anger with Eva.

“I’m actually speechless,” says Nattie.

“Eva just kind of bashed being a Divas champion and said that because of the champion [Nikki Bella is], everyone talks s–t and the locker room is a negative place,” recalls Brie. But Eva’s fellow Divas aren’t buying it.

“Does she not realize that she’s the one that’s the problem and it isn’t Nikki?” says Paige.

This feud it far from over! Watch the clip to find out how nasty things are getting between the stars!

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