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Brie Bella exclusive interview – ‘Everybody in Total Divas goes full Brie Mode at least twice’

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Brie Bella def. Paige


She may have managed to chip the armor of Team Bella last week, but Paige isn’t exactly back, back, back on top of the world just yet. The Diva of Tomorrow got a crack at Brie Bella on Raw, and with no Divas yet to join her cause against the Divas division’s resident queen bees, she summarily fell to Nikki Bella’s numbers game even as she had Brie exactly where she wanted her.

After Brie missed the mark with her second-rope dropkick, Nikki and Alicia Fox climbed onto the apron, each absorbing a strike from Paige that allowed Brie a moment to recover and plant her opponent with a facebuster. The deed done, Fox and Nikki took turns administering their finishing maneuvers to a fallen Paige before posing over their foe with the Divas Title aloft.

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Total Divas Clip: The Bellas Discuss Their Future



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Nikki Bella and the 5 longest reigning Divas Champions


Back in July 2008 when Michelle McCool defeated Natalya in a tournament final to become the first Divas Champion, the WWE Universe was slow to embrace the new title. The Women’s Championship had long stood as the standard-bearer for female wrestling with a lineage that dated back to The Fabulous Moolah’s emergence as champion in 1956. What did this new title have going for it besides a strange butterfly faceplate? Continue reading